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Aftercare Recovery Programs in Hollywood, CaliforniaAftercare Recovery Programs in Hollywood, California

Aftercare Recovery Programs in Hollywood, California

When clients leave rehab, they are in the early stages of recovery. They are still very much in need of support in their efforts to stay clean. Aftercare programs provide the extra support departing clients need.

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Anyone who successfully completes a stint in rehab is to be commended. It takes a lot of focus and commitment to endure the rigors of addiction treatment when so much is on the line. With that said, there has to be some concern about heading out the front door of rehab and falling into the arms of relapse after rehab.

At Hollywood Hills Recovery, our team of addiction treatment professionals is well aware of the challenges our program graduates will face outside of the security of our addiction treatment center. It's for that reason that we strongly advocate with our graduates for them to continue on the path of recovery by participating in at least one aftercare program.

While standing on the doorstep of our facility looking out into a new world, each client has to wonder about what to do after rehab. They have been through inpatient and outpatient detox programs. They have been through intensive counseling. Now they have a choice: go at recovery on their own or seek additional assistance from a rehab aftercare program or two.

Aftercare rehab is a very important issue. With that in mind, we are going to discuss possible after rehab options that are available to help recovering addiction sufferers stay on the path of recovery.

Talin, Gevo, Narbeh and Fred are the most warm and welcoming team of professionals! They not only provide a safe haven of a home for those in need of recovery, but have integrated solid fellowship in the program as a part of this all inclusive facility. Some of the strongest program of recovery in Los Angeles sharing their experience, strength and hope here! Highly recommend you stop by and see for yourself ✨

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Rehab Aftercare Options

As part of the treatment process, we teach all of our clients that there is no cure for drug or alcohol addiction. These addictions are diseases of which clients can only hope to arrest. As long as they stay on the straight and narrow road of recovery, their diseases will lay dormant. We also teach them that any relapse of any kind will lead right back to that vicious cycle of addiction.

Since staying on the path of recovery entails navigating temptation and one's personal triggers, we let our clients know they have several available rehab aftercare options in which they can seek refuge. The four primary after rehab programs we fully support are:

  • Sober Living Programs and Homes
  • Continuing and additional Outpatient Counseling
  • Participation in a 12-Step Program
  • Participation in Rehab Alumni Programs and Events

Let's take a look at these rehab aftercare options in more depth.

Sober Living Programs and Homes

There is great power derived from recovering addiction sufferers working together to maintain recovery. That is exactly why sober living programs and homes exist. Each sober living program serves as a refuge for recovering addiction sufferers who feel they need more time to adjust to living life without the need for drugs and alcohol.

One of the reasons sober living programs are a favorite after rehab option among treatment professionals is because of the structure they demand of residents. Each resident is required to follow rules like:

  • No inappropriate fraternization among residents
  • Zero tolerance for any substance use not approved by a doctor to be managed by the sober living facility's manager
  • Willingness to submit to random drug testing
  • Curfews
  • All residents are generally required to handle assigned chores
  • All residents are generally required to participate in 12-Step programs or ongoing outpatient counseling

Based on their ability to follow these rules, residents get more freedom and responsibility. They will also need to work on securing employment or returning to their former jobs. When and if a client feels ready to return to their lives outside of any treatment restrictions, they are free to do so.

As residents leave sober living, there is great hope they have developed meaningful friendships and support resources that will benefit them in the future. Also, there is great hope they have used their time in sober living to develop some structure within their lives. This structure is a key component of them staying sober.

Continuing and Additional Outpatient Counseling

Clients are not expected to stay in rehab indefinitely. In fact, most addiction treatment programs only allow for 30 to 60 days of treatment. The good news is a lot can be accomplished in 30 to 60 days of therapy. However, there is often a need for a little additional help to round off the rough edges of a client's sobriety. That's when additional outpatient counseling is the right call in terms of rehab aftercare programs.

The design of an outpatient counseling program will depend on what the client's needs might be. If they really feel shakey about their recovery, they might need to report for counseling two or three times a week for an hour or two at a time. If they just feel the need for a checkup, outpatient counseling might be best delivered on an as-needed basis.

Once a recovery addiction sufferer commits to outpatient counseling, it's incumbent on them to say when they believe they are ready to manage recovery on their own. Even when they do that, they can take great comfort in knowing outpatient counseling is always available.

Some of our amenities

Shot of the outdoor gym area at hhr where there is red equipment.

Outdoor Gym & Personal Trainer

We believe in living a healthy lifestyle and know first hand how much of an aid exercise plays in your recovery process. You can stay on-top of your fitness routine with our gym or unlock new motivation with our on-site personal trainer. We offer group training sessions as well as private one on ones classes.

watching tv

Home Entertainment

Work hard and play hard. One of our main goals at Hollywood Hills Recovery is to make your recovery as fun as possible. Even when you are just chilling at the house. This is why we transformed one of our rooms into a vibrant game room featuring all your favorite arcade games as well as pool and ping pong.

man on a sail boat enjoying life hanging off the side

Sober Outings

The views from the house are great but it wouldn't be right to stay in lovely southern California and not enjoy all the fantastic sights and scenes. From sight seeing to beach days all the way to spa bookings. Hollywood Hills Recovery has a plethora of plans for you to choose from for your free-time.

Private Chef cooking breakfast!

Private Chef

Our residents have all of their nutritional needs met by receiving three gourmet meals a day prepared by our on-site chef seven days a week + 24/7 access to a pantry full of their favorite snacks!⁠ ⁠

Participation in a 12-Step Program

In a prior section, we spoke about the power derived from one addiction sufferer helping another. That is the entire basis for the 12-step concept. Of all the aftercare rehab programs that are available, this is the only one run by addiction sufferers for the benefit of addiction sufferers. For what it's worth, Alcoholic Anonymous (AA) has been in existence since 1935, followed by Narcotics Anonymous (NA), which came into existence in the mid-1950s.

To be clear, AA and NA meetings are available for recovering addiction sufferers and those addiction sufferers who have yet to seek treatment. For the latter group, a good 12-Step program might be able to serve as a springboard to them getting the help they need.

The only requirement for membership in a 12-Step program is a desire to stay away from drugs and alcohol. There are no membership dues, though members are encouraged to offer donations to pay for literature and rental fees for meeting rooms. In most large California cities, AA and NA meetings are available throughout the day. In smaller cities, there might only be a couple of meetings a week. The good news is meetings are always available within a reasonable driving distance.

The concept behind 12-Step meetings is a focus on the actual "12-Steps of Recovery." These 12 Steps serve as a roadmap to a lasting recovery. The 12 Steps are built on four things members are expected to work on in combination with a sponsor. Their sponsor should be someone who has lots of sobriety and has already been through the 12 Steps. The four things each member eventually needs to work on are:

  • Being able to admit they have no control over drugs or alcohol
  • Showing a willingness to make amends to people they have hurt because of their addiction
  • Stepping forward and actually making those amends whenever possible without causing more problems
  • Showing a willingness to help other addiction sufferers who need help

Note: Regular participation in 12-Step programs is known to decrease the possibility of relapses.

Participation in Rehab Alumni Programs and Events

As a subtle reminder of what recovering addiction sufferers achieved through their hard work and commitment, a lot of quality rehab centers, including Hollywood Hills Recovery, promote alumni programs and events. We use these alumni programs and events to bring our recovering alumni together in an effort to promote camaraderie and support among them. Again, the concept of one recovering addiction sufferer helping another is at play with this aftercare program option.

We strongly support the alumni concept because of the benefits we believe each former client can derive from it. The potential benefits include:

  • Staying connected to the addiction recovery community and facility
  • Providing a means for a smooth transition between treatment and a lifetime of recovery
  • Offering a chance for communication with personal treatment professionals
  • Providing a chance to honor and celebrate recovery
  • Giving access to new concepts related to addiction treatment and recovery
  • Learn new recovery skill sets from alumni who have exhibited the best of recovery traits
  • Allows alumni a chance to be of service to others who are still battling the recovery concept
  • Just having fun and celebrating life

For us, we prefer to offer a variety of Alumni programs and events. We'll typically use sobriety birthday celebrations, workshops, and educational classes as the basis for our alumni programs. At all times, participation in our programs is voluntary. They simply exist for the addiction sufferers who want to stay close to the "home" that brought recovery into their lives.

If you are a recent graduate of our Hollywood Hills Recovery programs, we encourage you to participate in as many aftercare programs as you can. Remember, strength comes in knowing your weaknesses and taking great care in making them someday become your strengths.

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