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San Jose Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

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Dealing With Withdrawal Symptoms

At the point you decide to stop abusing your substance of choice, there is a good chance your body is going to experience the common withdrawal symptoms. It’s hard to predict how severe your symptoms will be, which is why we specialize in personalized treatment plans.Prior to therapy, you will likely need time to deal with withdrawal. We offer several different detox programs that have been developed to make sure clients like you are safe during the withdrawal process. As a point of reference, here are some of the withdrawal symptoms that could put your well-being at risk:

  • Breathing difficulties
  • Elevated heart rate and blood pressure
  • Body convulsions and severe cramping in the stomach area
  • Profuse sweating, nausea, vomiting, and even diarrhea
  • DTs (alcohol) or hallucinations (drugs)
  • Tremors in the extremities (arms and legs)
  • Psych problems like suicidal ideology, anxiety, and depression
  • Motor control loss

Clearly, any and all of these symptoms could present danger. As a reputable drug and alcohol rehab center, we strive to make sure clients like you are always safe. That's why we offer medically monitored detox programs that are run by top medical professionals. The objective of these programs is to make sure you are pain-free and comfortable as you deal with withdrawal.

Therapy and Counseling - The Heart of the Addiction Treatment Process

After getting through the detox process, your physical health should be better. It's at that point that you should be up to the task of therapy and counseling services. At Hollywood Hills Recovery, we employ some of the very best addiction treatment professionals in the nation. While you might encounter one or two top professionals in a San Jose California rehab, we feel all of our staff members qualify as the best in the business to facilitate your treatment program. For your part, you need to be willing to commit to therapy as a means of getting to the truth. What truth? That would be the truth about why you feel the need to harm yourself with drugs or alcohol. It's the driving force behind your addiction that needs to be addressed when seeking substance abuse treatment. To get at that truth, our therapists have access to many of the most reliable addiction treatment modalities. The list of treatment alternatives they might employ include

  • Traditional counseling
  • Dual Diagnosis Therapy - used for clients with co-occurring disorders (addiction + mental health issue)
  • Evidence-based Therapies - Behavioral Therapy options like CBT (thoughts) and DBT (feelings and emotions)
  • Group Therapy and Family Therapy options
  • Holistic Therapies that address overall well-being (meditation, recreational, etc.)
  • Outpatient Treatment

Once the driving behind your addiction has been brought to light, you'll know what triggers you to abuse your substance of choice. You can use that information to develop very specific coping skills you can use to deal with triggers and avoid temptation in the future. Good coping skills can clear the path to a lasting recovery.

Our Facility and Amenities - What We Offer

As we stated above, Hollywood Hills is a luxury drug and alcohol addiction treatment center. We offer our services to clients who prefer living a certain kind of upscale lifestyle. With that in mind, here are some details about what we have to offer our residential treatment clients:

  • Common areas are furnished with comfortable quality furniture
  • Bedrooms come with quality bedding and easy access to private bathrooms
  • Our dining area features delicious meals prepared by a professional chef
  • Our rec room features video gaming equipment, TV, access to music, and game equipment like ping pong and pool tables
  • Outdoor recreational outings are planned to promote group camaraderie
  • Our outdoor exercise gym includes access to a personal trainer

We hope you can see the benefits of traveling from San Jose CA to stay with us at Hollywood Hills Recovery. If you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact one of our staff members as soon as possible.

Where Recovery, relaxation & exhilaration Collide

Because our team is able to connect with our patients, having walked miles in their shoes, our environment of peer support groups and individual counseling has proved to be highly effective and empowering to manage withdrawal symptoms, urges to use, and treating addiction among patients.

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Your journey to a complete recovery starts right now. The combination of modern and holistic treatments, the touch of a professional therapist and the support of our family-like staff will ensure a long-lasting recovery. 

As a top drug rehab center, we have adopted a treatment model that incorporates a full menu of treatment options. These options include detox programs, various types of therapy, and aftercare programs.

smiling woman on her bed trying on a cowboy hat

Some of our Amenities

We aim to provide innovative treatments, holistic approaches, and combine it with a sustainable environment to help those with alcohol and substance abuse overcome their battle for good. Our breathtaking property and highly qualified team together provide a promise for sustainable change. Staying fit and feeling good about yourself motivates us to do well in life. Here are just a few of the things we offer.

Shot of the outdoor gym area at hhr where there is red equipment.

Outdoor Gym & Personal Trainer

We believe in living a healthy lifestyle and know first hand how much of an aid exercise plays in your recovery process. You can stay on-top of your fitness routine with our gym or unlock new motivation with our on-site personal trainer. We offer group training sessions as well as private one on ones classes.

watching tv

Home Entertainment

Work hard and play hard. One of our main goals at Hollywood Hills Recovery is to make your recovery as fun as possible. Even when you are just chilling at the house. This is why we transformed one of our rooms into a vibrant game room featuring all your favorite arcade games as well as pool and ping pong.

man on a sail boat enjoying life hanging off the side

Sober Outings

The views from the house are great but it wouldn't be right to stay in lovely southern California and not enjoy all the fantastic sights and scenes. From sight seeing to beach days all the way to spa bookings. Hollywood Hills Recovery has a plethora of plans for you to choose from for your free-time.

Private Chef

Our residents have all of their nutritional needs met by receiving three gourmet meals a day prepared by our on-site chef seven days a week + 24/7 access to a pantry full of their favorite snacks!⁠ ⁠

Talin, Gevo, Narbeh and Fred are the most warm and welcoming team of professionals! They not only provide a safe haven of a home for those in need of recovery, but have integrated solid fellowship in the program as a part of this all inclusive facility. Some of the strongest program of recovery in Los Angeles sharing their experience, strength and hope here! Highly recommend you stop by and see for yourself ✨

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Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I stay?

On average, the addiction treatment that HHR offers takes 30 to 60 days. However, depending on your complex needs and your insurance coverage, we will ensure your treatment plan is solely catered to you and your wellbeing, and that includes the duration of your treatment. Although going through recovery may seem impossible, we urge you to take control of your life starting today. At HHR, we are a family: we share your burdens and guide you every step of the way, and see you through recovery.

what will my stay look like?

Our plans begin with an inpatient detox treatment during which you will receive medication-assisted treatment in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies. Using these modalities, we will treat substance abuse, sustain recovery and prevent overdose. Our multi-faceted approach ensures that we get to the root of your addiction based on which we create a personalized treatment plan. 

The next step in your treatment plan involves residential intensive treatment which includes various modalities such as specialty groups, music therapy, art therapy, breathwork therapy, therapy for mental health, therapy following grief and loss, and more. These will be catered to you with your long-term recovery plan in mind.

Do I have to stay onsite?

We believe in keeping you at the center of our care. This means that if for any reason, you prefer not to reside at our facility during your treatment, we make alternative arrangements for you. We provide you with a partial hospitalization program that may require you to visit HHR several times per week. The duration of the visit depends on each individual patient and may take 4-8 hours. During your time with us, your treatment program will include medication-assisted treatment, counseling, behavioral therapies, and various other activities.

After you graduate from our program, we continually provide you with access to our aftercare programs to reduce your chances of relapse. Our graduate programs involve providing you with scholarships to college so you can truly turn your life around, constant contact with the HHR team to help with any cravings, and alumni programs that provide peer support.

Will my insurance cover this?

Please enter your information in our confidential benefits verification form below, and your information will be sent over to the insurance team at Hollywood Hills Recovery. Shortly after submitting this form, someone from our admissions team will be in contact to review your benefits.

Do not be discouraged if you are not seeing your insurance provider listed on our website. We take many types of insurance, and you may still qualify for coverage. Please fill out our benefits verification form and we will be in contact shortly with program and pricing options.

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Our property promises a peaceful, tranquil, and relaxing environment with plenty of privacy. Truly set in the heart of Hollywood, a short walk away from The Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Sunset Strip, and many other local attractions.

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