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Our treatments

Inclusive programs for your lasting recovery

Maybe 20 years ago, the addiction treatment community as a whole realized that the cookie-cutter treatment approach they were collectively using was providing unacceptable results. As recently as 2011, Scientific American published an article in which the author claimed that rehab success rates were as low as 25% for first-time clients. That's not beyond the scope of possibility.

In recent years, the addiction treatment community has been taking a more inclusive approach to the treatment process. That includes us at Hollywood Hills Recovery. We have been using a larger variety of treatment options that we can use to customize treatment programs for each client. Also, many of our programs focus more on including programs that emphasize more interactions between clients.

Let's take a look at the types of inclusive programs that are now rendering success rates of 40% to 60% regularly, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

Types of Treatment Programs

As a top drug rehab center, we have adopted a treatment model that incorporates a full menu of treatment options. These options include detox programs, various types of therapy, and aftercare programs. Let's look at what is taking place in each of these categories.

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Step 1

Inpatient Detox Treatment

To benefit from continuity of care, we offer inpatient detox treatment programs. That would include medically monitored detox programs, holistic detox programs, and long-term detox programs for clients who are suffering from severe addiction issues to substances like heroin and alcohol.

Regardless of the chosen option, all detox programs have the same goal. That would be to help each client get past their withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible. If medical intervention is necessary due to pain and discomfort issues, there will usually be a medical professional around to offer assistance by way of prescription medications.

Our treatments here include Medication assisted treatment (MAT) and Biopsychosocial assessments in addition to other assessments.

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Step 2

Residential Intensive Treatment

The depth of your recovery from addiction will depend a great deal on your ability to be open and honest about what has been driving you to abuse drugs and or alcohol. To help you dig into your heart and soul for answers, our treatment therapists can now pull from a large pool of treatment options. The list of treatment options could include any of the following options:

Traditional counseling
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
Dual Diagnosis Therapy
Holistic Treatment options
Group Therapy

Yes, traditional counseling is still effective for some clients. It works best with clients who seem to be in the initial stages of addiction and can benefit by simply focusing on what is going on in their lives that is leading them into addictive behaviors.

From the evidence-based scientific community comes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy. Both of these options are well suited for clients that have very complicated problems that are causing their addictive behaviors.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
(CBT) focuses on the thought process that leads too many clients into addiction. By focusing on identifying the negative thoughts that created the need to abuse substances, clients can learn to recognize these negative thought patterns and convert them into positive and productive thoughts. That should diminish the client's need to hide in a world of substance abuse.

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy
(DBT) is similar to CBT with one major exception. Thoughts are replaced with feelings and emotions.If a client's addiction has come about because of mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, that client could be suffering from co-occurring disorders. In such cases, the client would benefit greatly from.

Dual Diagnosis Therapy
With this option, the rehab's staff would be charged with treating both disorders simultaneously.As part of the new approach to addiction treatment, more therapists are also focusing on each client's overall well-being.

Holistic Treatment
Options like music therapy, art therapy, meditation and breathwork therapy, and recreational therapy.

Group Therapy
Finally, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that group therapy is a vital part of the treatment process. It allows clients to interact and share among themselves on a personal level. As a result of these interactions, clients can see they are not alone in their troubles. Also, they get opportunities to build support resources for the future.

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Step 3

Aftercare Program

When clients leave rehab, they are in the early stages of recovery. They are still very much in need of support in their efforts to stay clean. Aftercare programs provide the extra support departing clients need. The list of useful aftercare programs includes:

Sober living resources
Additional outpatient counseling
12 Step programs
Rehab alumni programs and events

If you are ready to start your quest for a lasting recovery, Hollywood Hills Recovery is here to help you. You can start your journey by contacting us as soon as possible.

"We build our treatment plans based off of our real life experiences, your needs, and combine that with both cutting edge and traditional practices for a unique experience that will spark lasting change from within."

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