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November 3, 2022

You are What You Eat: Your Diet Is Apart Of The Recovery Puzzle

There are certain aspects of addiction that often go largely ignored. Sure, a lot of focus is put on the damage addiction does to the lives of addiction sufferers.

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November 3, 2022

There are certain aspects of addiction that often go largely ignored. Sure, a lot of focus is put on the damage addiction does to the lives of addiction sufferers. It's no secret that addiction sufferers experience significant issues with their careers, family, friendships, the law, and personal finance.

Unfortunately, there is another aspect of substance abuse that never seems to get the amount of focus that it warrants. We are referring to the damage addiction does to the addiction sufferer's body.

How Substance Abuse Affects an Addiction Sufferer's Physical Health

While in the throes of drug or alcohol addiction, most addiction sufferers exhibit very little concern about the damage substance abuse does to their bodies. Most often than not, people focus on the mental health aspects of addictions instead of the physical effects on their body. Beyond the obvious damage that drugs and alcohol do to the human body, the damage is also done on another front.

While all wrapped up in their addiction behaviors, addiction sufferers often forget about living healthy lifestyles. The truth is they very seldom have time to exercise. They also have a habit of ignoring their diets. Without exercise and good eating habits, the addiction sufferer's body is left without the strength to ward off the effects of their substance abuse.

Since nutrition plays such a vital role in the quality of life, the following information is going to focus on diet as piece of the recovery puzzle.

The Role Your Diet Plays in Your Recovery

We are all taught at a very young age that we have to eat right if we want to live right. As children, adults control our diets, often making sure we eat lots of nutritional foods. As adults, we tend to get a little lazy about our diets.

During the course of your substance abuse, there is a good chance you have been neglecting your diet. Fact: Dietitians agree that the occurrence of eating disorders in relation to drug and alcohol addiction is quite high. Unfortunately, your failure to maintain a proper diet while abusing your substance of choice has likely exasperated the damage being done to your body.

Given the fact a poor dietary lifestyle furthers the damage being done by substance abuse, it stands to reason that eating healthier will be necessary during the recovery process. Consider this.

Importance of Diet During Detox

It's very likely that you are going to need to detox off your substance of choice. When you do that, you will quickly discover just how harsh and dangerous withdrawal symptoms can be.

At Hollywood Hill Recovery, we offer a wide range of detox programs. In each one, we emphasize the importance of each client eating healthy foods and avoiding the bad ones. They need all of the right vitamins and nutrients to ensure their bodies stay strong throughout the detox process.

Importance of Diet During Therapy

As you move on to the therapy portion of the treatment process, you will be summoned to stay strong, focused, and alert. You'll need to do this to learn the truth about your addiction. You'll also need to do this in order the develop the coping skills you'll need to stay sober.

We'll provide you with a nutritionist that will successfully get you through the therapy process. Our private chef will make sure you get a healthy diet that's filled with all the right vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients your body needs.

Importance of Diet During Recovery

In the 30 to 60 days of your treatment, we will hopefully be able to teach you how to eat properly again. Maintaining health means not just reaching a certain body weight or reaching for a distinct body image, it is about making the right daily dietary decisions, mixed with physical activity, in order to heal You'll need this information so that your recovering mind and body will keep getting stronger. You'll also need this information as you navigate your life in recovery. Maintaining a proper diet in recovery should keep your body and mind at a higher level where you are able to make good decisions. A healthy meal plan can not only improve body and brain health, but will help fight against increased risk factors, such as heart disease, that are associated with the side effects of addiction.

If you or a loved one would like more information about how Hollywood Hills Recovery can help your get stronger as part of the treatment process, we encourage you to give us a call as soon as possible.

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