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What Are Luxury Rehab Centers?

June 28, 2022

The term "luxury rehab" can be a little misleading. In the minds of most people, luxury rehabs are hotel-style facilities that only cater to the rich and famous as high-end treatment centers.

June 28, 2022

While there might be a few rehabs in the U.S. that fit that billing, the truth is luxury rehabs are much more accessible to the average person in the right circumstances. Also, they can offer lots of extra benefits that can make a difference in the treatment process. There are many types of treatment programs and treatment plans when it comes to drug rehab, detoxification, alcohol addiction rehab, and longterm recovery, especially in the state of California.

What is a Luxury Rehab?

While standard rehab facilities offer few if any amenities and focus strictly on the treatment process, luxury rehabs offer more in terms of amenities and treatment options for substance abuse and addiction recovery.

Most top luxury rehabs are resort-style facilities that offer fewer but larger rooms, many times private rooms/baths for each client. They offer the kinds of amenities that are intended to make clients feel they are living in a home environment as opposed to living in a sterile clinical setting. This has a profound impact on mental health and the success of recovery.

As one might expect, the cost of a luxury rehab stay is significantly higher than what is charged for a stint in a standard rehab facility. That raises the question, "What benefits would a luxury rehab offer that would justify higher costs?"

The Benefits of Getting Treatment in a Luxury Rehab

To be very clear, choosing the best rehab is the right of each and every client. if they have the means to pay for treatment in a top-end luxury rehab, they should, by all means, do exactly that. When people do make this choice, they are usually doing so because of the "extra" benefits they will receive above what is being offered by standard rehab facilities.

Extra benefits can mean a lot of different things to each individual. With that said, there are some benefits that most luxury rehab facilities provide as a means of competing. Let's take a look at some of these benefits.

Private/Secluded Facility Locations

Most top-end luxury rehab facilities are located in private/secluded locations that offer a lot in terms of privacy. Because some luxury rehabs do cater to the rich and famous, privacy seems to be a very important consideration (more on this below).

It's not uncommon to find luxury rehabs located in natural settings such as mountains, wooded areas, the desert, close to rivers or lakes, or along the ocean in coastal states. Beyond the ambiance that these natural settings tend to provide, there are other potential benefits from which clients might benefit. Included in these potential benefits could be access to some fun and interesting amenities and activities like nature outings and water sports.

Recreational Amenities

Even addiction sufferers will place a premium on living in a comfortable environment that offers them certain amenities generally associated with luxury living. Some of the luxury recreational amenities one might find in a luxury rehab could include spas, a comprehensive gym facility, pools/jacuzzis, tennis courts, and horseback riding.

Addiction Treatment Options

With limited treatment resources at its disposal, a standard rehab facility might choose to focus on some of the most basic treatment options. That would include options like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectal Behavioral Therapy, and standard counseling.

In a luxury environment, treatment facilities are far more likely to offer a fuller menu of treatment options and take a more holistic approach. Their expanded list of treatment options might include:

  • Holistic treatment options and modalities (yoga, acupuncture, meditation, art therapy and music, equine, etc.)
  • Group Therapy, Psychotherapy, and outpatient treatment programs
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment Therapy for co-occurring disorders (detox, addiction and mental health disorders)
  • Experimental treatment approach
  • Luxury amenities (spa, gym, private chef, outings, etc.)
  • Specialized and individualized treatments to fit each patients unique needs

Privacy and Security

In high-end luxury rehab facilities, a premium is often placed on the privacy and security of clients during their substance abuse treatment. That's understandable since luxury rehabs often treat high-profile executives and celebrities such as actors or athletes. Their privacy and security tend to matter more because any bad press could ruin a client's career.

Given the stature of the clients who might end up in a luxury rehab, a lot of these facilities will often cater to specific needs such as the need for access to electronics or specialized diets.

Other Benefits

The list of the other benefits one might derive from getting treatment in a luxury rehab facility includes:

  • Access to a private chef and catered meals
  • Much lower client to treatment professional ratio
  • Access to the best treatment professionals in the addiction treatment community
  • Ability to continue working from rehab

If you have the means and want more information about the benefits associated with addiction treatment in a luxury rehab, we suggest you contact us at Hollywood Hills Recovery. We would be happy to address your questions and offer you access to our facility.

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