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November 5, 2023

Top 10 Popular Podcasts for Recovering Addicts

Finding resources that resonate with the complicated journey of addiction recovery experiences can be a blessing. Podcasts have emerged as a powerful medium for sharing stories, offering guidance, and building a sense of community. They provide an easily accessible platform where experts, survivors, and advocates can narrate their insights and experiences.

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November 5, 2023

For recovering addicts, podcasts can be a source of continuous learning, inspiration, and companionship. In this curated list of the top 10 popular podcasts, we delve into a range of shows that offer something unique – from honest storytelling and expert advice to the scientific analysis of addiction and recovery. Each podcast on our list has its unique flavor that gives listeners a spectrum of perspectives and tools to aid their journey.

A Sober Girl's Guide

Hosted by Jessica Jeboult, A Sober Girl's Guide stands out among sobriety podcasts. Jessica's decade-long battle with addiction lends authenticity to this series, blending humor and honesty in discussing recovery. It covers everything from mental health to spirituality and offers a holistic approach to sobriety.

A notable episode from this podcast, titled ‘Brooklyn Sherrill: Support in Sobriety’, poignantly shares Brooklyn's journey from despair to recovery, highlighting the crucial role of support systems along the way. Jessica's warm, witty style creates a comforting space for listeners, where complex topics are made approachable and relatable. The podcast is a community offering solidarity and hope to women worldwide navigating a life free from alcohol.

Recovery Elevator

Hosted by Paul Churchill and co-host Kristopher Oyen, Recovery Elevator illuminates the path to sobriety with engaging storytelling and actionable advice. A particularly enlightening episode titled ‘What to Say to Someone Who is About to Drink’ features Grant, a 54-year-old from Sacramento. Grant’s story is a window to the real struggles and triumphs of overcoming addiction. His narrative of his first encounter with alcohol to his journey through recovery underscores the complexities of addiction. He candidly shares how he navigated challenges, relapses, and life changes while offering hope and practical strategies to listeners.

Its ability to provide a sense of community and practical tools for sobriety makes Recovery Elevator an essential listen for individuals seeking to maintain a sober lifestyle.

Seltzer Squad

Seltzer Squad is hosted by Jes Valentine and Kate Zander, two New York City-based best friends and tattoo enthusiasts who turned their journey of ditching booze into a relatable and candid podcast. Their tagline, ‘Hangovers Suck!’, perfectly encapsulates the show's spirit and approach to sobriety.

Jes and Kate have a unique style, blending humor and honesty while discussing the challenging aspects of sobriety. In episode 72, ‘Quarantining’, the duo record from their homes, discussing how they've been handling sobriety during the pandemic. They touch on topics like the struggle with routine disruptions, coping with anxiety, and the frustration of liquor stores being labeled as "essential."

Seltzer Squad stands out for its down-to-earth, conversational style.

Dopey Podcast

The Dopey Podcast, hosted by Dave and Chris, began with a declaration that it was not a typical recovery podcast. Their approach is unconventional, blending dark humor with the stark realities of addiction. The initial focus was on "not the next best thing but, the last bad thing" rather than recovery. The podcast has evolved along with its hosts' journeys, integrating recovery stories and attracting notable guests like Dr Drew, Artie Lange, and Steven Adler.

In their first episode, Chris vividly recounts his escape from a strict California rehab and his experience with other runaways and a rotisserie turkey. It’s the kind of storytelling that hooks listeners from the start. Another episode features Dave sharing an intense seizure experience, oddly intertwined with Mexican food delivery.

The Dopey Podcast's straightforward and open dialogue with its audience has helped create a sense of community around it.

This Naked Mind

Hosted by Annie Grace, This Naked Mind is a transformative podcast in the recovery genre. An author of three books and the initiator of frequent sober month challenges, Grace brings a wealth of knowledge and compassion to the podcast. Across 300-plus episodes, she provides deep insights into maintaining sobriety, tackling topics like alcohol withdrawals, the connection between drinking and binge eating, and coping with loneliness.

A particularly insightful episode is ‘Naked Life Story - Annie Grace’s Husband’, where Grace’s husband Brian shares his own journey to sobriety. He speaks about his limited exposure to alcohol early in life, the increasing influence of New York City's drinking culture, and how alcohol became a significant part of his life and coping mechanism. Brian's story is compelling as it defies the common narrative of addiction and recovery.

The podcast is a beacon of hope for many, offering practical advice and real-life stories of regained control over alcohol.

Sober Curious

Sober Curious is a podcast that evolved from the revolutionary concept and book of the same name by Ruby Warrington. It challenges societal norms around drinking and extends the conversation Warren began in her book.

A standout episode features Mickey Down and Konrad Kay, creators of the HBO show ‘Industry.’ They discuss the interplay of addiction with success, status, and money, and how these themes are intricately woven into their show. Podcast topics range from the normalization of recreational drug and alcohol use in high-pressure environments to the deeper psychological drivers of ‘success addiction’.

The Sober Curious podcast is a significant and enlightening addition to the dialogue about sobriety and conscious living.

Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives

Editing Our Drinking and Our Lives is a thought-provoking podcast by Aidan Donnelley Rowley and Jolene Park. It focuses on what the hosts call 'Grey Area Drinking.' Their conversations delve into the nuances of drinking habits and the continuous life changes they make while navigating sobriety.

In an episode titled ‘F-It Moments,’ the co-hosts explore the challenging evening hours that often tempt many to drink. They discuss the mental dialogues that can lead to justifying a drink and share personal strategies to overcome these moments.

This podcast's unique approach lies in its blend of personal experiences, practical strategies, and neuroscience.

The Unruffled Podcast

Hosted by creative powerhouses Sondra Primeaux and Tammi Salas, The Unruffled Podcast explores the unique synergy between creativity and sobriety. The hosts operate on the belief that removing an addiction leaves a void, and their podcast delves into filling that space through creative expression. Each week, they engage with individuals in recovery, discussing their sober journey and how creativity has become an integral part of their lives.

In a particularly interesting episode titled ‘Milestones’, Sondra and Tammi discuss the complex emotions surrounding events like anniversaries and birthdays. The episode offers insights into the therapeutic power of creativity in managing these feelings.

Recovery Happy Hour

Hosted by Tricia, Recovery Happy Hour is a breath of fresh air for those navigating the early stages of recovery, especially when battling the fear of missing out on social events. Tricia, who overcame her own struggles with alcohol addiction, has transformed her experiences into a supportive and engaging podcast. She creates a virtual 'happy hour' experience that's both alcohol-free and fulfilling.

The podcast features candid conversations with guests about everything from sober dating and meeting new people to interviews with sober authors. In an episode titled ‘Drinking & Exercise’, Tricia interviews Mike to explore how alcohol can impact both physical health and exercise routines. The discussion is both relatable and motivating, particularly for those who might be reevaluating their lifestyle choices in recovery.

Sober as a Mother

Sober as a Mother is hosted by Alyson Premo, founder of Sober Mom Tribe and The Sober Mom Coach. The podcast is a sanctuary for mothers navigating the challenges of sobriety while parenting. Alyson's discussions with other moms and daughters bring depth and diversity to the conversation about sober parenting.

An episode featuring Lisa Peretti is particularly enlightening. It delves into why Lisa relapsed after three years of sobriety, the joys of being a sober mom, the evolution of friendships in sobriety, and how to transform mom guilt into a positive force.

Sober as a Mother offers comfort and camaraderie while empowering mothers to embrace sobriety as a path to better parenting and personal growth.

Discover Sobriety with Hollywood Hills Recovery

This list of top 10 podcasts for recovering addicts is a treasure trove of stories, advice, and community. Every one of them can make your path to sobriety less solitary and more enlightened.

As you explore these podcasts, remember that additional support is just a step away at Hollywood Hills Recovery. We offer a nurturing environment, guiding you toward a fulfilling and sober life. Our dedicated team of experts understands the intricacies of addiction, whether it involves substances, alcohol, or behavioral patterns.

Reach out to Hollywood Hills Recovery to learn more about our comprehensive treatment options!

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