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October 18, 2022

Luxury Rehab Care in California for New York Residents

As a New York resident with a drug abuse/alcohol addiction problem, you certainly have access to some pretty good full-service rehab facilities.

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October 18, 2022

From a convenience standpoint, it's understandable that you might prefer to stick closer to home while getting treatment. However, there is a lot of evidence that suggests traveling to another region of the country for treatment brings with it some significant benefits.

Here's a suggestion. Hollywood Hills Recovery in Los Angeles County, Southern California is among one of the best luxury recovery centers in the state. We are very welcoming of addiction sufferers from the state of New York. We would like to extend you an invitation to consider allowing us to treat your addiction issues. Please read the following information.

The Benefits of Seeking Addiction Treatment Away From Home

The only real advantages of staying close to home for substance abuse treatment would be savings on traveling costs and convenience. With that said, saving a little money short term and avoiding some inconvenience doesn't necessarily lead to the best addiction option. That's why addiction treatment experts will espouse the benefits of traveling for treatment. The benefits include:

  • Escaping from negative influences
  • Opening the door to new experiences
  • Gaining a higher measure of privacy
  • Getting access to top-level treatment specialist
  • Getting access to special amenities that can make the treatment process more palatable

What Hollywood Hills Recovery Has to Offer

It would not be in your best interest to travel to Hollywood Hills Recovery if we couldn't offer you elite addiction treatment. As a highly reputable, luxury and full-service rehab facility, that is exactly what we can do for you.

As is the case with most of our residential treatment clients, we would start treatment services with an intake interview. This interview would help us determine the proper treatment plans for you based on your personal circumstances.

Our Detox Programs

In all likelihood, we would enter you into one of our detox programs. While we fully support allowing clients to detox as naturally as possible, we do offer medically monitored detox programs. These programs are ideally suited for clients who are suffering from significant substance abuse problems. Our medically monitored detox programs are manned by a great team of medical professionals who understand the importance of keeping clients comfortable during the detox process.

Our Treatment Programs

We are very proud of the talented team of addiction treatment healthcare professionals we have assembled at Hollywood Hills Recovery. Under the guidance of our counselors, our treatment facility offers a wide range of addiction treatment options or adolescents and older folks alike. That allows us to match each client with the addiction treatment option that we believe will be most effective. We offer the following alternative health services at our rehab center:

  • Evidence-based Behavioral Health Therapies - DBT, CBT
  • Holistic Treatment Options - meditation, recreational, Art/Music
  • Dual Diagnosis Treatment - Used for co-occurring conditions (addiction + mental health issues)
  • Group and Family Therapy Options

Our Amenities

In the middle of winter, New York City  gets brutally cold. If you were to come to on site at Hollywood Hills Recovery any time during the year, you would experience the best weather in America. It's not an amenity, but it certainly is an attractive benefit that might make the treatment process a lot more enjoyable.

As for our amenities, Hollywood Hills Recovery offers some of the best amenities in the near Beverly Hills. We'll start with our outdoor gym/personal trainer and private chef.

We firmly believe that we have a responsibility to serve the overall well-being of each client. For that reason, we heavily support teaching our clients about the importance of getting exercise and eating healthy meals. It's our way of helping clients' bodies recover from the damage caused by drug addiction.

Our other elite amenities include:

  • Sober off-campus social activities
  • Access to home entertainment options
  • Access to a games room
  • Private rooms and baths

As you can see, we intend to do all we can to make your addiction treatment experience a positive thing in your life, for you or for a loved one

When ready for sober living, you can contact HHR today to start your recovery journey in a beautiful luxury setting.

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