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November 24, 2022


As an addiction sufferer, you probably realize that your addiction behavior is without boundaries. That would certainly be true if your addiction has gotten a strong hold on your body and mental health.

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November 24, 2022

As a Michigan resident, you will always have the option of reaching out for help. To start the recovery process, all you need to do is be willing to admit something is wrong. If and when you get to that point, you'll have choices related to where you go for substance abuse treatment.

It's fair to say there are plenty of decent treatment centers in Michigan. It's also fair to say that there might not be many that are of the same high quality as Hollywood Hills Recovery in Southern California.

Why Would You Want To Travel for Addiction Treatment?

Does it seem like suggesting you travel for treatment is asking a lot? While that might be true, you should know that many of the top addiction treatment specialists in the world are supportive of the idea of traveling for treatment plans. They typically support it because of the benefits addiction sufferers like you can derive from seeking help away from home.

You have to remember that home is where your addiction was given life and grew. Aside from convenience factors, there are reasons traveling to a top rehab like Hollywood Hills Recovery makes perfect sense. Here are just a few of the potential benefits of our recovery center:

  • Isolating yourself from the negative influences that are driving your addiction behavior
  • Privacy - removing yourself from an environment in which you are known and might have a reputation
  • Chance to experience a different culture and new things
  • Opportunity to work with some of the best addiction treatment specialists in the world/country
  • Chance to go through treatment in a luxury environment

If convenience matters most (logistically and finally), staying home for treatment might be your only option. If you have resources and want the best care possible, you might need to travel to the private hills of Los Angeles County.

What We Can Offer Travelers at Hollywood Hills Recovery

For the fine people of Michigan, our front door is always open. We offer a full menu of addiction treatment services in a luxury environment that includes lots of interesting amenities. Let's take a look at what we can offer

Detox Programs

Depending on the depth of your substance use addiction, you might need time to go through withdrawal. We can help you through that process with one of our detox programs. If a medically monitored detox program is the right call, we can provide a well-trained medical staff that will always be standing by to intervene on your behalf should your withdrawal symptoms create risks.

Therapy and Counseling

After getting through the withdrawal process, you should be ready to start working on yourself in a safe haven. That would involve going through therapies that are designed to do two things. First, we would want to help you come to grips with the root causes of your addiction. Then, we would shift therapy towards helping you develop the coping skills for a sober living needed in the future to avoid relapses.

Our Amenities

During downtime, you would get a chance to experience the luxury associated with staying in our Hollywood Hills Recovery facility. The living home facility is in a quiet and elite part of the North Hollywood Hills in Los Angeles County. Our on-site entertainment amenities include a video game room, billiards, ping pong, outdoor gym with a personal trainer, and a chance to enjoy outdoor activities with the group. Do you like good food? You'll love what our private chef cooks up every day.

When you or a loved one are ready to explore treatment facilities and health services, please give us a call from Michigan. We would be happy to tell you exactly why we are your best treatment program.

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