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November 26, 2022

It's A Thankful Month: 10 Ways to Express Gratitude

Having the chance to recover from an addiction problem is nothing short of a blessing. As a top West Coast rehab facility, Hollywood Hills Recovery is grateful for the opportunity to help addiction sufferers like you get through the recovery process.

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November 26, 2022

It's November. It's the month that Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, a time for all of us to reflect on the things for which we have to be thankful. Within the list provided below, we will suggest 10 ways you can express gratitude during the month of November. We hope you'll use this information to mend fences, help move forward in the recovery process, and show appreciation to those who care for your well-being.

1. Volunteering for a Cause

Time and again, addiction sufferers have benefitted by setting aside their problems of everyday life and turning their focus toward others. Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday for giving, with many thinking of November aw the gratitude month. All over America, especially in Southern California, there are a lot of people who are suffering from financial issues. This affords you the opportunity to go out and find a way to find volunteer opportunities and volunteer in the service of others. On Thanksgiving day, there will be plenty of shelters that need help serving a warm Thanksgiving meal to the hungry and less fortunate. Random acts of kindness are one of the little things that help cultivate gratitude in those around you.

2. Write Letters to Loved Ones

As you went through and are going through the recovery process, it's very likely you are getting support from family and friends. Of course, a heartfelt thank you will have great meaning, but here's a thought. If you were to write a letter to the friends and relatives to whom you are most grateful, the effort and letter itself will serve as a lasting memorial to gratefulness. The self-esteem you receive from reaching out to others and thank them for their presence in your difficult times helps reciprocate those feelings of gratitude down the line when they might need you.

3. Gift Giving

Giving a gift to express gratitude might seem cliche, but it's still a wonderful way to say thank you. Its one of the creative ways that allows you to express how much grateful people mean in your life. The key to showing true gratitude through gift-giving is to select gifts that should have special meaning between you and the gift recipient. In your daily life, receiving a gift from someone that cares about you expresses affirmations of their importance by the reminder of small things and the power they have.

4. Gather With Friends

Sometimes, your presence in someone's life is a show of gratitude. The Thanksgiving holiday season is a great time to extend in person invitations to people who have been kind to you through your addiction behavior and other difficult situations. Don't forget, accepting invitations is also a solid way of showing gratitude.

5. Create Traditions

The reason we celebrate Thanksgiving each year is someone had the forethought to set Thanksgiving day as a tradition. In gratitude for the efforts of certain family members and friends, you should try to set a special tradition that has special meaning for you and your loved ones. Even at times when there is separation, a tradition gives you and them a reason to stop and honor the relationship.

6. Returning the Favor

When people around you are being supportive of your attempts to deal with trials and tribulations, it's easy to forget they might be dealing with issues of their own. One of the simple ways you can show acts of gratitude to the people around you is by staying attuned to their needs. When the chance comes to help calm their storms, take that chance.

7. Invest Time

The simple act of participating in a relationship is a form of showing gratitude. It's noted when you are willing and able to spend time with people. It shows you care and are grateful to have them in your life. It often is hard work making the effort to return the phone call from a loved one or write

8. Sharing is Caring

This might well be another cliche. However, sharing your thoughts and feelings with someone else is a sign of respect and gratitude. Likewise, letting them share their thoughts and feeling is also a sign of respect and gratitude.

9. Turn the Tables

When someone blesses you with an act of kindness, you are the beneficiary of that action. You can show gratitude for their act of kindness by turning the tables and blessing them with an act of kindness at some point around the Thanksgiving holiday.

10. Speck of Gratitude to the Group

As you gather at the table on Thanksgiving, this is your moment to express your gratitude for all to hear. Stand, speak, and be heard about what each and every person at the table means to you and how they add value to your life. The attitude of gratitude is hard to come by, but with the right amount of effort it can do wonders to one’s mental health.

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