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July 28, 2021

Coming to Terms with Addiction and Learning Healthy Coping Habits

Addiction can arise from various things, including external pressures, stressful situations, trauma, and many more.

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July 28, 2021

Addiction can arise from various things, including external pressures, stressful situations, trauma, and many more. A person is usually tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism during these difficult times. Alcohol and drugs can offer temporary respite from reality, decrease inhibitions and reality and enhance pleasure. Drugs trigger the brain to release excessive amounts of dopamine which cause an overwhelming sense of euphoria.

Coping mechanisms are habits or compulsions that are developed over time to help someone deal with stress levels or situations. The American Society of Addiction Medication (ASAM) defines addiction as a brain disease caused by an inability to abstain from behavior or substance, cravings, loss of behavioral control and dysfunctional emotional responses. Coping mechanisms help to deal with negative problems and emotions.

The addiction cycle usually starts when a person becomes reliant on addictive substances as a coping mechanism to function properly. Understanding the root cause of the problem and which traumas lead to drug and substance abuse is the first step to coping with addiction. Developing healthy coping skills can help to prevent a relapse and substance use. Here are some coping skills to embrace if you are recovering from substance addiction.


Exercising supports both your mental and physical health. It does not need to be hard exercises but simple physical exercises that you can include in your daily or weekly routine. Simple exercise like jogging or walking can boost your mood by triggering the production of endorphins.

Exercise also to eliminate toxins and chemicals in your body from drug use. It also helps to improve sleep habits, reduce tension, and improve self-esteem, which also acts as a coping mechanism for stress. Good health is a crucial aspect of addiction treatment and can help to prevent relapse and control cravings.

Practice Mindfulness and Medication

Stress and anxiety and rob your peace of mind. Mindfulness and meditation can help you deal with difficult emotions and thoughts. It can also help you observe your internal experiences by focusing on the present moment and accepting them without negativity and judgment. Meditation is a simple skill that can take you away from painful memories that can lead to a relapse.

Taking yoga classes, a walk can give you peace of mind and space to heal. These exercises can bring about self-reflection and get you in sync with your body. They can also help you learn how the body, mind and spirit are connected and strengthen the connection to manage tension and strength.


It is essential that you are honest with yourself and others. Avoid lying to yourself to mask the truth as it can hide the effects on you. You will be stuck in a vicious cycle of lies which can lead to more substance use. When you are fearless honest with yourself, you can set yourself on the road to recovery.

Develop a Strong Support Network

You can meet up with other people struggling with addiction when the going gets tough. Sharing with people who are going through the same situation can help to have engaging and meaningful relationships. It can also help facilitate self-acceptance in recovery and develop a sense of belonging. A strong support network from friends or family members can have a positive impact on your recovery.

Peer support is in avoiding loneliness, and it can be your sounding board throughout your recovery. Having people looking after you can help you when you stumble and help you stay on track. These people will offer encouragement and give you the motivation to go on.

Find a Sponsor and Support Group Meetings

You can engage in a support group to cope with addiction. A counselor or sponsor can help you when you are feeling vulnerable. If you experience any signs of relapse, do not ignore them. Seek professional help or a support group early enough. You can work through the 12 steps with a sponsor as it has been proven as an effective way to dealing with addiction. A sponsor and support groups offer support, guidance, and compassion.


It important that you avoid high-risk situations that may cause you to relapse during your recovery. This includes clubs, bars, or other previous places where you used to access drugs. It also includes people who used to drink with you as it could trigger your relapse. When you are in recovery, you need to build your new life.

You can replace these previous activities with new and exciting activities for a healthy lifestyle. You can go camping, gardening, painting, cooking, or anything that adds real value and joy to your life. Creative expressions and imagination can help you avoid negative thoughts and relieve stress.

When you are in recovery, it is essential that you remain patient, vigilant, and committed. Continue to seek help via sponsors, support groups, and therapy to build healthy habits. This helps you sustain your recovery and lead a drug-free life.

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