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June 21, 2021

10 Sober Activities - Yes You Can Do These without Alcohol

Many sober people return to the bottle in moments of boredom, causing them to take a step back in their progress.

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June 21, 2021

The old saying tells us that idle hands are the devil's playground. This certainly seems to be the case when it comes to drinking. Many sober people return to the bottle in moments of boredom, causing them to take a step back in their progress.

If you want activities to fill your days after the workday, try these ten sober activities to keep you entertained and busy without alcohol.

1. Road Trip

In your new, sober state, you get to take the role of the designated driver during a fun road trip. Instead of flying to your next travel destination, pack the car with snacks and hit the road.

Take the time to pick a scenic route filled with landmarks. You can listen to music playlists while enjoying the scenery and maybe even learning a bit about our beautiful country.

2. Play Sports

Sports teach discipline, improve your physical health, and provide social connection. The benefits of sports only add to how much fun you have playing them.

Pick your favorite sport and get involved. Anyone can play, despite your skill level in the beginning. Play in a group of people at a similar skill level and grow to more challenging groups naturally as you get better and better.

Seniors can participate, too, as long as the sport isn't too strenuous. Some great sports for seniors include:

  • Golfing
  • Bowling
  • Swimming
  • Squash

3. Fung Shui Your Living Space

Clean your life both spiritually and literally by cleaning and organizing your living space. You can even take it a step farther and Fung Shui the space to ensure it generates the correct energy.

You will reduce stress when you come home to a clean home every day, and you will also be more proud of your home when other people come to see you. The energy will also be more positive and conducive to sobriety.

4. Get Spiritual

Many people find solace through spirituality. Some people find comfort through organized religions, while others find comfort through something less structured.

The church can offer support for people who suffer from addiction, teaching forgiveness and love. You can also create relationships with people in the church and even go well in your community by getting involved.

Some people prefer to explore spirituality in a more personal way. You can read books by some of the leaders in the Eastern religions and spend time meditating.

5. Explore Nature

Muir said, "the mountains are calling, and I must go." Some people feel a similar calling to the mountains or nature in general.

Put on some comfortable shoes and explore the beauty nature has to offer. YOU can find waterfalls, creeks, mountains, and a wide range of plants and animals.

6. Create Art

Some people of us have artistic ability or an appreciation for art. Tap into this talent to create things in the universe outside of the chaos. There are several ways to be creative, so open your mind to the possibilities. You can paint, sculpt, draw, write poetry, write fiction, make movies, create furniture, design clothing, knit, or craft.

7. Cook

Everyone needs to eat, including people in recovery. You can learn to make delicious meals for yourself and the other people in your life. Perfect a meal or two and expand to new things, continuing to grow as a chef. You will develop skills and bring joy into the world through delicious food.

8. Spend Time With Family

Your family deserves appreciation for getting you to this positive point in life. You should make a point to spend plenty of time with them, especially as some of them start to get older.

Spend a day with some family members and even help them with some things around the house to show how much you love and appreciate them. Continue to visit as often as possible.

9. Visit Museums

Many people don't take advantage of the beautiful things surrounding them, such as museums. Lok into the museums in your area to learn what ones might interest you. Visit the museum to learn more and support the institution that runs the museum.

Pro Tip: Look for free days that the museum may offer to residents of the city or state to save money on admission fees.

10. Spa Day

Enjoy a spa day at home or at a local spa to show yourself some self-care and invigorate your body and mental health.

The spa creates a soothing environment, reducing your anxiety and getting your head straight for what you need to do during the week. You will also feel better about how you look, and your body will feel rejuvenated.

During your spa day, you can enjoy a wide variety of different treatments, including;

  • pedicure
  • manicure
  • facial
  • massage
  • body wrap
  • laser treatments

At Hollywood Hills Recovery, we will teach you how to live a sober life without guilt or judgment, but a genuine interest in giving you the tools to make the most out of your life. We only get one chance on Earth, so we should make the most of it.

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